To the Rescue – GEVA Inc. Equine Retirement Foundation


Equine Wellness’ To the Rescue Program will donate 25% of each subscription purchased using promo code EWA197 to GEVA Inc., Equine Retirement Foundation.

Year established: 1995

Location: Glen Ellen, CA

Types of animals they work with: Primarily off-track thoroughbreds, of any age.

Staff/volunteers/foster homes: One staff member (unpaid) and five volunteers.

Fundraising projects: “We have many,” says Maureen Kelleher. “We have a ‘Hay Fund’ that is often promoted on Facebook and Twitter. Luckily, we have a large area for hay storage, and we buy in large bulk, but it is a costly expense each year for our 30 to 35 farm residents.

“We are also raising funds to purchase a used horse trailer and four-wheel drive truck, in order to have a safe rig to take horses to the hospital in cases of emergency. Finally, we use many of the grant funds we receive (and we could use more!) for drainage improvements in the pastures.”

GEVA also offers equine vacations through Glen Ellen Farms, with the proceeds going to support horses at the rescue.

Poseidon’s Son (aka Posey) was retired to GEVA as a three-year-old after a bowed tendon.

Favorite rescue story: “A good example of a horse that managed to earn a second (retirement) career at GEVA is The Barking Shark. ‘Shark’ is currently 22 years old and came to GEVA at age ten, straight from his racing career! Unlike many racehorses, Shark survived to race until he was ten — but not without injuries, including life-threatening pneumonia and a broken cannon bone, which was repaired with plates and eight screws. During his career, Shark ran 56 races, including 27 stakes races, and won over a half million dollars.

“In the later years of his career, though trying his hardest, Shark continued to fall in the class of races he was competing in. He was claimed several times over several months in the $5,000 range. In his last race, a claiming race, he had eight claims in for him! A group of people, concerned about Shark and wanting to offer him retirement, offered to buy him so he would not be claimed and continued as a racehorse. They offered the claiming price plus the win purse just before the race, and were accepted!

“This group gave Shark the sendoff he deserved — retirement from racing and a wonderful relaxing life at GEVA. In the 12 years Shark has resided at GEVA, he has made many friends — equine and human alike — but he is especially known for protecting and hanging out with his favorite ‘ladies’, Foggy and Luvy, both retired racehorses themselves.”

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