The NASH Project: Neglected Animals Serving Humanity.



Our mission is to rescue neglected and abused dogs and horses and rehabilitate them as Service and Therapeutic animals.

Horses we take must complete a soundness check. The intended outcome for each horse we take is to become a Therapeutic Riding horse and as such their soundness is critical. While riding, the cadence of the horse moves your hips in a mimicry of the movement your hips make while walking. This makes it a highly effective mode of therapy for those wheelchair bound and with mobility or balance issues. For effective physical therapy the cadence of the movement is critical to promote therapy rather than cause further problems. Horses that complete training successfully with our programs will be donated to Therapeutic Riding Organizations in North America. Horses found unsuitable for therapeutic work will be re-homed to families and jobs well suited to them with our H3 Program.


Our relationship with dogs has existed for thousands of years of mutual benefit. The simple action of petting or stroking a dog releases oxytocin in our systems. Oxytocin can lower blood pressure, reduce inflammatory symptoms in association with diseases like arthritis and atherosclerosis, reduce anxiety, fear responses and physical pain. Dogs have long provided a loyal and useful service to humans and this program will allow them to enhance our lives and give our returning veterans their passport to a new life. Dogs enter Service Dog Training with the aim of becoming a PTSD dog for a Veteran with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Dogs that are not suitable as service dogs will be re-homed as well-trained family pets with our C4 Program.


Born either 1998 or 1999



Rescued 2007


Rescued from a rescue by our President Cedar Santanna in 2007 before he could make the trip to the slaughter house.Abused and terrified of humans, intense rehabilitation was necessary over the course of several years. Because of his severe abuse he was adopted by Karen Knight of The NASH Project in July of 2011 once he was suitable for rehoming. This special boy has continued to make progress learning to trust people and accomplishing more and more in training. Atreyu is definitely one of our biggest success stories.


There are numerous volunteer opportunities for all skill types. Whether you are able to assist with horse classes, dog fostering and training, or can lend a hand with fundraisers.


We are always looking for donations of all types, monetary or material. What we may not be able to use for one animal we can most likely use for another. Any and all donations are GREATLY appreciated.


Sponsorship programs are available for those unable to afford classes and as such we are on the lookout for sponsors to support these clients.


Our dogs are always looking for opportunities to go out and meet people. We are available for school and work demonstrations on the importance of Service Dogs in our community, how to behave around a Service Dog, and the benefits of Riding for those with Therapeutic needs.

If you are able to help us in any way please message us at or for more information check out our website at