Technology and equine wellness go hand in hand

Take a look at how technology can improve the lives – and health – of our equine companions.

Technology is advancing in all areas of our lives, and now there are opportunities to improve equine care, be more efficient and capture valuable data in the barn too!

More horses are being microchipped as many breed registries and equestrian sport governing organizations require or encourage permanent identification. There is now a microchip available that is capable of reading and reporting a horse’s temperature in addition to providing a method of permanent identification. This allows for rapid and safe temperature monitoring, which is critical to identify infectious disease early.

Another exciting technology available to horse caretakers, farm managers and veterinarians is the EquiTrace® health management app. This platform can capture a wealth of information with just the scan of a microchip. Using a Bluetooth-enabled microchip scanner and a smartphone, we can scan a horse’s microchip and bring up their records instantly on the user’s phone. If the horse has a Bio-Thermo® microchip implanted, the EquiTrace app will record and graph each temperature reading so trends in temperature can be monitored efficiently. No pen or paper required!

Digitally connected and worry-free

Tools like EquiTrace also help streamline health record keeping. Medical records can be recorded in the app and scanning the horse’s microchip prior to treatment ensures the correct horse is treated every time. If the horse is competing in a sanctioned event, the app provides medication withdrawal times to ensure proper compliance among caretakers. This information, available in the pocket of the person administering medication, helps to decrease medication errors and unintended positive drug tests.

All data collected through the EquiTrace app is encrypted to ensure only those with permission to view have access. The information gathered and stored within the EquiTrace app can be shared with other farm personnel, the horse’s caretaker and the farm’s attending veterinarian, if desired. The owner of the EquiTrace account can choose who sees what information.

Horse caretakers have much to keep track of when it comes to the care and management of their horse. As a horse owner and veterinarian, I find that it’s an exciting time to be in equine health with so many modern technologies available to help streamline horse management. I can’t wait to see what’s next as technology continues to make various facets of our lives easier.