It has been 29 years since my last confession, and I write this story in the hopes of helping other young people to tap into their intuition and avoid the same mistake!

When I was 14, I would pass the pasture of a beautiful black horse on my way to a friend’s house. I would always stop and climb through the fence to pet and have a chat with this beauty.

Since I had no horse of my own, and it was months since I had been on one, I thought how wonderful it would be to just take a quick ride. I had never seen anyone ride or even handle this horse so why I thought it would be okay is still a mystery to me.

My intoxication and lack of intuition finally got the better of me. I noticed some twine on the ground from the horse’s hay bales, and with my creative skills conjured up a rope bridle. I led him to a fallen log to help me get on since this horse had to have been 16 hands high! Up I went bareback, hoping not to get caught.

We glided along walking and then trotting. I thought I was in heaven! After about ten minutes, even I realized how crazy this was and I dismounted, thanked the horse, and went on my way.

I am now a responsible parent (or so I would like to think) and can only imagine if my child came home with a story like this. My response would be something like, “Are you nuts? Did you take leave of all your senses? Or did you just decide to stop using the brain God gave you? You’re lucky that horse didn’t hurt you!” And many more choice words.

Looking back, I realize that the fact I lived to tell my tale suggests that this horse recognized something in me worth saving. Or perhaps he simply recognized that, as a teenager, I lacked the capacity to think rationally!

It fills you with wonder, though, that when you combine the innocence of childhood with the loving nature of a horse, miracles truly can happen.

Note to self:
1. Never get on a horse that you have no idea is even trained to be ridden.
2. Never tell your parents; they will use it against you later.
3. Never tell your children the dumb mistakes you’ve made; they will also use it against you later.
4. Always listen to your intuition – it may save your life someday!