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How to develop a following seat

Most riders dream about riding in perfect balance, rhythm and harmony with their horses. Use these exercises to become mindful of your body’s movements, to better co-ordinate with your horse’s …

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Visualization exercises for riders

How mental imagery can assist you in becoming a better and more relaxed rider. Do you try too hard when you’re riding? Have you ever assumed the “perfect” position and …

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Horse Anatomy In Motion

Movement is what horses are all about. In fact, they evolved from the fox terrier- sized Eohippus of 55 million years ago mostly because of their ability to move. Movement …

centered riding

A balanced and centered body is vital to good riding. Developed by Sally Swift, Centered Riding © (CR) helps riders at all levels and of all disciplines achieve harmony and balance …

sally swift

For decades now, Sally Swift has been quietly changing the horse world. The 93-year-old author of the Centered Riding books, founder of Centered Riding Inc., and a newly inducted member …

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