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This dream team of tiny equines from Gentle Carousel is changing the lives of people across the globe. Making the rounds at an assisted living home, Magic, a miniature therapy horse from Gentle Carousel, came upon a female resident who seemed to need her attention. The horse gently placed her head in the woman’s lap. …


11 IS IT COLIC? The word “colic” is enough to send chills through any rider. Know when to call the vet, and what to do for your horse while waiting for him to arrive. 14 RISE AND SHINE This healthy recipe makes the perfect holiday treat for your equine partner – and your human family …

miniature horse

Using animals as therapeutic conduits for people in need has become a labor of love for Veronique Matthews, a cancer survivor in Austin, Texas. Veronique learned firsthand about the healing power of animals six years ago when she was sidelined by breast cancer. At her darkest hour, when things seemed very bleak, a 22-inch buckskin …

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