Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue

save your ass rescue

Equine Wellness will donate 25% of each subscription purchased using promo code EWA065 to Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue.

Location: South Acworth, NH

Year established: 2007

Staff/volunteers/foster homes: “We have one paid, part-time handyman, and the whole board of directors is made up of volunteers. For events there are quite a few loyal volunteers that help out – they sell SYA merchandise, t-shirts, etc.,” writes volunteer Annie Kellam.

Types of animals they work with: Donkeys, mules, hinnies, and zebra crosses.

Fundraising projects: “We just had our annual online Cabin Fever auction,” says president Ann Firestone. “ We also have a donkey and mule fun show once a year, this year it will be in August in Alstead, NH, and we have a booth at Equine Affaire in Springfield, MA every November.”

Favorite rescue story: “Two and a half years ago I agreed to take in an emaciated mammoth jennet from an auction,” writes Ann. “She was a ‘one’ on the Henneke scale. She was so weak the night she arrived that she fell several times on the way from the trailer to her new yard. I was very concerned that she would not be alive in the morning. She was crawling with lice and had open, bleeding sores on her legs. She was a mess and had the most forlorn, vacant look in her eyes. I had our vet out that morning. He determined her to be a relatively young donkey. We formulated a plan of feeding, getting rid of the lice, and treating the sores on her legs. He palpated her for pregnancy and found nothing. She ate well and as weeks went by I got rid of the lice and her legs were healing up nicely. She had a blanket on since she arrived and it was not for about five weeks that I took it off and stood back to look at her. She looked a lot fatter in the tummy – I had our vet back out for another pregnancy check and lo and behold our Paloma was carrying a foal! He was born on Easter Sunday, so I named him E.B. for Easter Bunny. Once Paloma was in good physical health she and E.B. were adopted by a wonderful woman.”

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