Red Bucket Equine Rescue

red bucket equine rescue

Equine Wellness will donate 25% of each subscription purchased using promo code EWA191 to the Red Bucket Equine Rescue.

Location: Chino Hills, CA

Year established: 2009

Staff/volunteers/foster homes: “ Red Bucket Equine Rescue is an organization of over 400 volunteers,” says Susan Peirce, president and founder. “We have only two paid positions, made possible partially through an ASPCA training grant.”

Types of animals they work with: All equines

Fundraising targets: “We are a 501(c)3 non-profit and rely on the generosity of those who wish to see us continue doing meaningful work. We have a variety of fundraising efforts. The Drop In The Bucket is a program where people can make monthly donations (of $5 or more). One upcoming fundraiser is the ASPCA Help A Horse Day on April 26; our biggest fundraiser of the year is our Ruby Red Gala on October 24.”

Favorite rescue story: “An emaciated gelding was found wandering the streets, foraging for weeds and shrubs, and was picked up by Animal Control and taken to a local shelter, where he would have likely been euthanized if someone did not step up to claim him. The online photo of his vacant stare, hopeless posture and skeletal frame haunted us and compelled us to bring him to Red Bucket, where he received a name (Liam), dignity and a promise of a second chance.

“Aside from his daily grooming and enrichment, we barely saw Liam’s face for the first two months, as he kept it buried in his stall’s corner feeder. He ate as if he could never make up for his months of missed meals, and as if he might never have another. The only time he would raise his head was when he heard Dalilah, a 13-year-old girl who volunteered with her mother – then he would pull his head up and track her with his mismatched eyes.

“Red Bucket devoted time to providing Liam with ground manners and saddle training, never rushing him but gradually building his skill and trust. As the shadow of his ribs slowly faded, he grew in confidence, both in himself and the people caring for and nurturing him. Dalilah adopted Liam early in 2014.”

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