olive leaf

Would you believe that the leaf of a beautiful Mediterranean tree could significantly alter the future of antibiotics? It could very well be true. Behold the olive leaf, which has gained international attention thanks to research that has revealed its extract possesses antioxidant content two to three times more powerful than green tea extract, and over 400% more powerful than vitamin C!


We all want to make informed decisions concerning our health and that of our horses. Because our animals rely on us to make these decisions for them, we must utilize the resources available to us through every possible channel. For example, I was recently introduced to the writings of a well-known cardiologist, Dr. Morton Walker, who has done leading research into olive leaf. His scientific evidence and research has shown olive leaf to be one of the most important antimicrobials of our time. He asserts that it’s a leader in the fight against infectious disease. Wow!


The research has shown that olive leaf is by far one of the best immune- boosting, antibiotic, antifungal herbs you could possibly give your horse. Its wonder compound is called oleuropein, enhanced by flavonoids and polyphenols. Olive leaf’s powerful active compounds have successfully treated EPM, shingles, herpes and many more debilitating conditions. And I can personally vouch for the efficacy of olive leaf in healing gastrointestinal ulcers, exceptionally quickly. Furthermore, olive leaf is a very effective anti- parasitic and can rid your horse’s body of painful parasitic conditions. There is an abundance of wonderful healing herbs in the world. They are unparalleled when given in the correct dose and format. I believe, as do both Western and Eastern medical professionals, that olive leaf is one of them! It definitely belongs in your horse’s health cupboard.