Balancing nutritional deficiencies can help improve her happiness and comfort.

Your mare cannot help being cranky at times, especially if she’s not receiving the balanced nutrition she needs. Or, if she’s in physical pain and your veterinarian has diagnosed a hormonal imbalance, or something like Kissing Spine. In these cases, your mare will have no choice but to be out of sorts, and emotionally and physically uncomfortable in her own skin.

Balanced nutrition

There is a better way to care for your mare from the inside out, and it doesn’t necessarily mean adding more supplements to ease a symptom of discomfort. It means using the right supplement designed to nutritionally balance the deficient macro-nutrients (calcium/phosphorous/chloride, etc.) in your grass hay or mixed grass hays.

SciencePure Nutraceuticals Inc., the makers of Canada’s PUREFORM Equine Health Supplements, has developed an effective all-in-one supplement called MARE SUPPORT. It has turned around the attitudes of many cranky mares. In most cases, calmness and willingness to work become more normal behaviors in as little as two weeks, and certainly within a month. PUREFORM MARE SUPPORT offers joint and tissue recovery, circulation and digestive support, and essential amino acids for hoof wall thickness and a silky coat. It reduces the inflammation she may feel during her season, and delivers a full and highly absorbable vitamin and mineral complex with the proper ratio of calcium and phosphorous not supplied by grass and timothy hay. This year, the formula will be brought up a notch by incorporating chasteberry to decrease any symptoms during a mare’s heat cycle.