5 horse-related podcasts every equestrian needs in their life

Looking for a new listen this season? Check out one – or all – of these horse-related podcasts!

There are endless podcasts out there to explore, especially when it comes to the world of horses! We’ve seen an explosion of such podcasts over the last few years, so we’ve put together the five best horse-related podcasts around. If you’re a horse lover, these are the podcasts you need in your life.

1. The Stable Scoop

A popular favorite when it comes to horse podcasts, TSS releases new episodes every week and covers all kinds of topics. There’s news from the horse industry and interviews with people from across the world in all areas of horse work.

Whether you’ve dedicated your life to horses, or you’ve just got a passion for our four-legged friends, you’re going to love listening to this podcast.

2. Horse Tip Daily

There are always new things to learn when it comes to training and keeping horses, and if you’re looking for the most up-to-date information, trends, tips, and advice, this is the podcast for you.

You’ll find episodes relating to all kinds of topics to help you care for and work well with your horses, including plenty of health and training tips…all for free!

3. Horses in the Morning

Horses in the Morning is a timeless, info-packed podcast with over 300 episodes (and counting) in its library! The hosts cover plenty of horse topics and facts, and there’s such a vast and intriguing range of guests who have been on the show.

4. Whoa! Podcast

If you’re a new horse caretaker wondering what to do next, Woah! is the podcast you’ve been looking for. Episodes cover everything from tack and horsemanship to how to care for and form a relationship with your horse. The EQA founder Krystal Kelly even makes a guest appearance!

5. The Horse Podcast

That title says it all, doesn’t it? The Horse Podcast, also known as THP, is a casual and relaxing podcast about horses that’s suitable for any time of day. Whether you’re commuting, going for a walk or having a bath, this is the perfect horse-related podcast to sit back and relax to.