Golden Carrot Equine Rescue

Golden Carrot Equine Rescue

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Location: Anza, CA

Year established: 1998

Number of staff/volunteers: “I am the only staff,” says founder Casey O’Connor. “The number of volunteers vary. We don’t foster horses.”

Types of animals they work with: “The Golden Carrot is a sanctuary for older and manageably disabled horses. These are horses who can no longer perform to suit humanity, but after a lifetime of service, or having been injured in service to people, deserve a decent retirement.”

Fundraising targets: “We are always soliciting donations to feed, farrier and vet the horses as needed. With 44 horses and three donkeys, these needs are large and ongoing.  In addition, I’m fundraising to purchase another utility vehicle to help me with moving feed and materials around the property.”

Favorite rescue story: “There are so many to choose from, but one would be Brave, an Appaloosa gelding who was heading to slaughter and saved from the Fallon Feedlot. Brave was almost completely blind when he arrived, with just light/shadow vision in one eye, but he was so smart that no one realized it! In a day or two, he learned the boundaries of our stall line and spent most of his time there, until after some months, he befriended Hershey. Hershey is small, old and timid with bad knees. But he has eyes that Brave needs, and a kind nature that tolerates close contact with Brave; and Brave is bigger and stronger, with a tough-guy personality that keeps other horses away from Hershey. The two became best friends.”