gateway 2 ranch

Home to a herd of horses and ponies, Gateway 2 Ranch offers retreats where you can explore the parameters of equine/human communication and healing.

In Kamloops, BC is a 320-acre piece of sacred land, safely tucked away from the rest of the world. It’s called Gateway 2 Ranch, and it’s a home and playground to a herd of horses, ponies, steers and llamas, as well as to my own human family. The animals are at liberty, free to come and go, whether they’re out on the land or in the large shared paddock or open communal barn, which connects to our house.

Everyone in “The Herd” is considered family. They’re pampered and loved as children (or even more so, as the kids say!). They are invited to play rather than work, and the work they do is changing consciousness and lives.

We have made a few amendments to horse keeping at Gateway 2 Ranch: bare hooves, no whips, no bits, treeless saddles or bareback pads, no force and no restraint. The horses prefer invitation and reward rather than pressure and punishment.

Horses as Teachers and Healers

Visitors come from all over the world for “Equinisity” retreats. The herd is free to roam the property’s meadows, forests, hills and lakes, but from May to November they return each morning to teach and heal humans. Retreat subjects include liberty play and herd language, fine tuning focus, intent and feel. Trust and love, along with praise and treats, are shared during playground activities in which horses leap up on tires, or walk over “bridges” and teeter-totters or through swim noodles. During rest time or morning meditation, the entire herd will drop to the ground, inviting people to join them and snoring comfortably among them.

The horses and other animals also help around the healing tables, raising and clearing energy like Reiki Masters. The horses are not haltered and led to their healing work; they orchestrate the horse therapy themselves. The entire herd remains at liberty and chooses when and how the healing will take place, working individually and together, using pattern and rhythm, while sensing and seeing the “truth” of each person.

A Natural Connection

Clearly, these horses and others are taking on new roles in their relationship with humans. Many stories feature horses involved with miraculous healing and transformation. While horse whispering is still a mystery to most, it is clearly apparent that the parameters of horse/human communication and connection are growing ever wider.

When horses are invited to connect and share, rather than forced to perform, they are only too happy to be friends and companions, connecting and raising human consciousness to a place where we are all spiritual equals, each contributing our own special talents.

Allowing our horses to enjoy a life with friends and family, with the freedom to run, roll, graze and be part of the natural world, ensures their happiness and well being. Spending time in their company without an agenda, absorbing what they have to offer, and in return offering understanding, a kind word, a scratch or a favorite food, is similar to how we treat our human friends. It goes a long way to establishing a relationship that is as rewarding for the animal as for the human. It stretches our understanding of consciousness and unconditional love.

A Message from the Horses of Gateway 2 Ranch

Do you realize, humans, that at this time in our evolution your vibration is elevating to a place where you are beginning to tune into our channel? You are beginning to notice us for the first time as spiritual equals. We, and the rest of the natural world, share a direct connection with the ALL. When we see you, we see all that is around you, including any distortions to your divine plan. You see, humans are playing a game here on the physical plane, but just like the story of the emperor’s new clothes, we see only the truth of you.

In this way we can make adjustments to put things back to the pattern and vibration that is your etheric blueprint, your pattern of perfection. That is how we heal you. If you observe us you will see how we work together with the energy – changing, removing, releasing, and bringing into being the perfect pattern. We all have our unique ways of transmuting energy. Some of us do it by meditation, connecting to source and downloading the information, then implanting it in the person. Others simply vibrate at the perfect frequency and “tune” the person. We send it all to spirit to be corrected along with the energy for the whole herd.

It is our calling to help and heal humans, bringing them collective unity with all of creation.

– The Herd

Liz Mitten Ryan is an artist, author, animal communicator, and facilitator of Equinisity Retreats. In three years, the Gateway 2 Ranch herd has co-authored four books with Liz and won nine book awards including the coveted Nautilus Award in company with Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle and the Dali Llama. The books and subsequent ‘Equinisity Retreats’, which are attended by people from all over the world, are healing minds and bodies with a new understanding of connection and oneness.,