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Ferrell Hollow Farm Location: Readyville, TN

Year established: 2009

Number of staff/volunteers: “We have four regular volunteers at Ferrell Hollow Farm and more who help with special events, with no paid staff or foster homes,” says founder Cindy Daigre.

Types of animals they work with: “Our mission is to care for special needs senior horses that require a permanent sanctuary setting, focusing on the draft breeds.”

Fundraising targets: “When our horses arrive at Ferrell Hollow Farm, they stay for life! Fundraising is an on-going effort to assist us in providing the necessary feed, hay, supplements, vet, dental and hoof care to our special horses.”

Favorite rescue story: “The most challenging horse we have is a 28+ year old blind Clydesdale mare we named Ruby. She was neglected with intentions to be sold for slaughter, and was in poor condition upon arrival (over-bred, thin, scared, lice-infested). She quickly learned to trust her primary caretaker and felt safe in her new environment. She even has two wonderful senior horses as steadfast companions. The challenge is she is very reactive to having more than one person around her, to the point where she is on the verge of being unmanageable and dangerous. Through consistent and patient training efforts over an eight-month period, she can now be groomed, have her feet handled and trimmed, and be blanketed with ease!”