DonkeyLand Rescue

DonkeyLand Rescue

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Location: Spring Hills, CA

Year established: 2011

Staff/volunteers/foster homes: “We are a 100% volunteer organization,” says founder Amber Levonne. “We have 12 volunteers, however two are full time.”

Types of animals they work with: Donkeys, wild burros, and a few horses.

Fundraising targets: “We desperately need our own trailer. We have many projects that require ongoing funds – our Wild Burro Emergency Fund, a castration program, our newborn orphan rescues, permanent residents that need sponsors, and our hay fund.”

Favorite rescue story: “I love it when we rescue orphans who would not have had a chance had they not moved into DonkeyLand. The first few months of an orphan’s life are the most critical and can mean life or death. We watch over them and feed them around the clock for the first four months of their life.”