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centered riding basics – Equine Wellness Magazine

“Your arms and hands, from the shoulder joints to the tips of the fingers and through the reins, belong to the horse.” Sally Swift As riders, our goal is to …

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clicker training

If your horse needs help with hoof handling manners, clicker training can create positive associations and responses in a safe and calm manner. It’s been almost 25 years since I first …

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Tips for handling a rearing horse

Rearing is a very dangerous unwanted behavior in horses. Let’s take a look at why your horse might display this behavior, and how you can safely overcome it. Like many professionals …

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Centered Riding basics

Reconnect and build trust with Centered Riding basics. Sally Swift, the founder of Centered Riding, would often remind her students that the basics of Centered Riding were not only applicable …

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How to develop good hands

Good hands are the hallmark of a great rider. Take a look at how you can build this trait. Having “good hands” is a sign of riding excellence. However, it …

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