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supplement with oils

A closer look at the effects of feeding oils to horses. Horse diets have always contained small amounts of oil. But plenty of research and anecdotal evidence suggests horses can utilize higher levels of oil than what they’ve traditionally received. Horses that are adapted to higher-oil diets are able to digest and transport this extra …

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coconut meal

When it comes to feeds for horses, coconut meal is probably one of the last things you’d think of. But this “cool” new feed is low in non-structural carbohydrates, and high in trainable energy and fiber.   Feeding coconut  to your horse may sound like a surprising concept, but coconut oil is a staple food used …

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woman feeding hay

Assessing hay types and how they fit his needs. Hay is a major part of a horse’s feed intake. This means particular attention needs to be paid to its selection and feeding. Hay does not come in a fancy bag with lots of marketing (though this is changing a bit with the advent of prepackaged hay …

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Meadowsweet is a mild yet effective anti-inflammatory herb. It has been used for several centuries to treat body aches and pains, including arthritis and joint pains. In horses, it helps relieve the pains that come with age, especially during the cold winter months. Meadowsweet leaves and flowers are known to contain salicylates, natural compounds that …

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Learn how you can start your own medicinal herb garden and which herbs are best for your horse. Before horses were domesticated, they roamed free and kept themselves healthy by grazing on a large variety of plants and herbs. They used their deeply-ingrained instincts to seek out the plants they needed to maintain their health. …

Spirulina for horses

A few billion years ago, there were stirrings in the womb of our brand new planet. Earth was coming of age and producing her very first lifeforms. It is difficult to imagine how scientists learned of Earth’s microscopic firstborn, but somehow under the dust and rock of more than 3.6 billion years, the ancient little …