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6 ways for riders to stay calm amid life changes

Life changes can upset your balance and impact your ability to work effectively with your horses. But there are ways to maintain your calm and regain your stability, so you …

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winter hoof traction

Sleet, snow, rain and freezing mud can cause traction problems for horses and humans alike. Here’s how our horses cope, and what we can do to help. Living in upstate …

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Dealing with performance anxiety

Are you struggling with show nerves, or disheartened because the perfect performance you envisioned isn’t materializing? The solution could be as simple as changing the way you think. A dad …

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sustainable barn

Are considering building a new barn? Check out these design techniques for an sustainable equine facility. I’ve been known to say “I was ‘green’ when ‘green’ was just a color!” That’s …

gentle giants horse rescue

Big horses have even bigger hearts. And so does the team at Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue. Though she grew up on a small Warmblood breeding farm, Christine Hajek was …