Betty’s Best is changing the way people groom their horses

With their impressive line of grooming products, including the popular StripHair® Gentle Groomer, Betty’s Best is making grooming sessions more enjoyable — and beneficial — for horses and their caretakers.

Most horse caretakers have a favorite grooming tool they reach for again and again. Chances are, it gets the job done. But grooming is about so much more than removing loose hair, and the majority of tools on the market don’t address this. Enter Betty’s Best, Inc. – a female-owned and operated company that’s singlehandedly changing the landscape of horse grooming. Their signature product, StripHair® The Gentle Groomer®, is a therapeutic grooming device designed to help animals look and feel their best.

Created in 2014, with a major re-design in 2018, The Gentle Groomer is an international award-winning product that transforms regular grooming sessions into a relaxing bonding experience. Formulated with natural tree rubber, orange essential oils and antimicrobial agents, it’s designed to clean, shine, shed and massage animals in the most soothing way possible. “Betty had a mission to change the way horses are groomed,” says Sunday Jacobs, co-owner of Betty’s Best. “Her goal was to develop a tool that would first and foremost benefit the horse as well as make the job of grooming easier.”

Unlike traditional tools, The Gentle Groomer has no bristles, blades or sharp edges that can scratch the skin, tug the coat, damage the hair or cause discomfort. Instead, the textured rubber gently draws dirt and dander to the surface while removing loose hair and producing a natural shine. It also conforms to all areas of the body, providing a soothing massage that works to increase blood flow, speed recovery time and calm the horse – a feature that has captured the attention of hundreds of equine caretakers and industry experts.

“Every product from Betty’s Best must fit these criteria”, says Sunday. “Safety, comfort and benefit for the animal, multi-purpose functionality for the user, and eco-smart materials that make the products renewable, reusable and long-lasting.” The company’s latest product line, Betty’s Best Skin & Coat, includes grooming cloths made of 100% renewable bamboo fiber, as well as an all-natural stain remover. These unique products contain only natural hypoallergenic ingredients that work to clean and soothe the coat while eliminating odors. Like The Gentle Groomer, they were created with the animal’s well-being in mind.

Doing good for animals has always been a top priority at Betty’s Best – and that value extends to the animal community as a whole. Whenever someone supports their brand by purchasing one of their products, they give back to reputable non-profits. As of today, they’ve donated supplies to a number of rescues and shelters, as well as equine-assisted therapy organizations for veterans, special needs persons, and youth development. As their company continues to grow, they intend to extend their philanthropic reach even further.

Today, Betty’s Best videos have been viewed well over 50 million times, The StripHair Gentle Groomer has received the highest international awards in the industry, and their products are available in over 20 countries. “We’re looking forward to what the future holds,” says Betty. Our greatest motivation is feedback from our customers. Their horses always fidgeted and showed irritation with traditional grooming tools. But their attitudes are completely different when using The Gentle Groomer. Those testimonials make all our hard work so worthwhile.”