3 steps to a balanced and symmetrical seat

Are you crooked? Here’s how to find a balanced and symmetrical seat in the saddle so you can ride with more success and comfort.

Only very few people are truly symmetrical. Most people are slightly “bent” to one side. When you are symmetrical, you can distribute your weight evenly in the saddle and stay centered while on horseback. As a result, you will feel safer and more relaxed as you won’t have to subconsciously fight against your own body. You will also be able to coordinate the right and the left side of your body better, and your horse will be happier as he will be able to move more freely and stay balanced himself!

Ready to combat your crookedness? Here’s how to get started:

1. Become aware

The biggest issue with crookedness is that we usually aren’t aware of it. We don’t feel crooked, and we don’t have a sense for where “straight” actually is.

It’s only when you become aware of your crookedness that you can start changing it. Stand in front of a mirror, close your eyes and relax. Then open your eyes and observe yourself to find out where you are crooked.

2. Shift your body

After understanding where you’re crooked, playfully start shifting your body parts – your “building blocks” to a more symmetrical position. Shift your weight from side to side, push your pelvis from one side to the other, move your rib cage, your shoulders, your head, until you get a more symmetrical image in the mirror. Now close your eyes and feel into it – it will feel strange at first. This will be a lifelong process, so be patient with yourself.

3. Practice in the saddle

Practice the same exercise in the saddle. If possible, hang a mirror outside or in the arena, or ask a friend to take a photo or video of you so that you can compare the outer image with the inner image.

Need some help fixing your crookedness? Email a photo of yourself on a chair or in the saddle to Carla@TheIntuitiveRider.com and receive personalized advice!