New app lets you compare your horse to others

Experts have created an app that will allow horse caretakers to log information about their horses and compare it to other equines across the globe.

A team of equine trainers, vets and behaviorists at the University of Sydney are launching a global database of horse behavior. The app, known as E-BARQ, will allow horse owners to log information about a horse’s physical, mental and social development, and compare it to other data that has been inputted. Owners can share the data with their vets and coaches. The goal is to create a benchmark for certain aspects of equine health and well-being.

This project builds on a similar project for dogs called C-BARQ – an online compilation of information on over 85,000 dogs. The data has been used in more than 70 research studies, some of which have changed the way we care for canines.

E-BARQ is a not-for-profit project that allows the global horse-folk community to share their observational data with the University of Sydney and gain useful benefits in return. The resulting “share-&-compare” graphs will reveal attributes such as trainability, rideability, handling, compliance, boldness, and human social confidence.